PT Anugerah Indah Perdana is a company engaged in the field of procurement of mechanical and electrical products for corporate clients. It was established to form a bridge between brand owners and end users in providing mechanical and electrical solutions with faster service, responsive service and better after sales service

PT Anugerah Indah Perdana was founded in Jakarta in 2006, initially with corporate clients in the pulp and paper industry, and then expanding to service other types of industries.  

Some of our key and valued customer include:
  • PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper
  • PT Coca Cola Bottling Indonesia
  • PT Tjiwi Kimia
  • PT Lontar Papyrus
  • PT Pindo Deli
  • PT Kayan Utama Coal
  • PT Univernus
  • PT Tanjung Jati
  • and many others...